Family Placement
Is a temporal protection measure for children in homelessness situation, that bring them a suitable family environment for their full development.

Unlike to adoptions, Family Placement is a temporal care measures that does not exceed 2 años and is offered with solidarity. If your interest is the adoption check ADOPCIONES in our web page.

Initial requirements:

  • Being over 25 years.
  • Enjoy physical and mental health for the care of a child.
  • Prove moral and economic solvency.


    • Fundación Quinta Carmelita IAP, involves the integration of a child in a family context.

    • Alternate non-adoption care will be provided for as long as necessary.

    • Will be provided comprehensive care that ensure and restores the rights of children.




    Know the details to be a Family Placement, the requirements, times and what to expect to the process with Quinta Carmelita.



    We loved know your family's profile, to identify its compatibility with the profile required for the family placement of children.



    Through our experience workshop of preparation for families placement, answer personal and family questions about the accommodation process, and get ready to have the tools to start a great adventure.



    We accompany each family in their integration process, until the conclusion of the welcome.


    1Is Family Placement a good alternative for children living in institutions?
    Yes, it is practice that seeks to exercise the right to family and community coexistence of each person. It allows boys and girls to grow up in a family environment, receiving individualized attention and developing in an appropriate cultural and social environment.
    2How can I become a Family Placement?
    Provide your data and wait for the briefing meeting in which the phases of the process as well as the necessary documentation to start will be exposed.
    3What are the different types of family placement
    We have in the foundation working three modalities of Family Accommodation: Urgent, short-term and long-term. None of these exceed a period longer than two years.
    4Who accredits Families Placement?
    There are 4 types of Family Placement: Urgent, short-term, long-term and professionalized families.
    5 What are the benefits and challenges of being a Family Placement?
    The most important advantage of being a family placement is being able to influence the lives of children in a significant way. It is truly one of the few times in life that we can do something heroic. The challenges as a family placement are presented in the adaptation processes, sharing space, time and resources are progressive and mutual actions. On the other hand, the closing process is an apprenticeship not without sadness, in which you have to learn to say goodbye. It is important to bear in mind that in these cases you have the support of the institution.
    6What girls and boys can be welcomed with this program?
    Girls and boys from 0 to 11 years old who are beneficiaries of Fundación Quinta Carmelita, IAP.
    7Can I adopt the children who participate in the Family Progran program?
    No, you can't.
    8Can I adopt the children who participate in the family placement program?
    Yes, a man or a woman living alone can be a Family Placement, it is not necessary to be a couple or married couple. Families are made up in many ways.
    9How do we prepare to separate from him / her?
    The farewell process takes place gradually and with the accompaniment of Quinta Carmelita at all times. It is intended to achieve a closure in the best of circumstances, valuing the growth and love obtained from the experience, and preparing for a next Family Placement.

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